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About - A private Parents and Teacher Network

At iEdustore, we are trying to solve an interesting problem. Can you imagine parents and teachers of India communicate to each other through diaries, letters and piece of papers in 21st century? iEdustore is the platform to change the way this community of people communicate with each other.

We have a grand vision of having every single parent in India whose kid is studying in school on this platform.

Not just communication, we want to bring as much of offline school related activities to online. Take paying fees for example.

You need to go some bank within specfic day and time irrespective of your schedule and irrespective of where you are and what you do.

What if you can pay online. Or think about your experience of buying uniforms, back-to-school time books, stationaries etc.

What if we can take payment from you online and deliver the goods at home. How about checking your kid's performance over a period of time on each subject. How about attendance, his activities at school. The list goes on. We are attempting to solve all this.

What more, we want to provide all these services for as close to FREE! We want to build next generation kids for India's future. helps schools and parents to work together by enabling proactive communication and collaboration, so that for the children, the schools and parents are not two separate worlds but integrated into their life as two support systems working together.

Welcome to iEdustore!