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Frequently Asked Questions

1 Why iEdustore is FREE? How long this would be FREE? In future, would you charge?

We are trying to make a change in the way our educational system is operating. Every change meets skepticism, adoption requires change in mindset and it takes long time especially when we are aiming to reach all schools of India. And asking for money for this change would make this impact even more slower and painful. So, we thought we'll give it FREE. And we want to keep that way as long as we can and we have no plans to charge the schools for any time in near future.

2 As a school owner/principal/administrator why do I add my school? What benefits do I get?

Ans There are multiple answers to this:

  • Share any information on Notice Board and every parent/student can see the information immediately.
  • Announce anything related to your school on either SMS or Email to either a single parent or a particular section of a standard or a complete standard or to the whole school.
  • Upload and share documents to your students.
  • Get a directed question to you from your student's parents.
  • Explore and suggest products to parents if you find some student needs improvement in some subject.

Now, all this is for FREE! You do not have to pay anything to create your school, inviting parents, sending SMS or EMail.

3 Ok, that's fine. How about security? What's the guarantee that all students information are kept secured and not publicly accessed? How about other school's accessing my school information?

Ans We understand security concerns of schools and so we give utmost importance to security and do not compromise the security.

Actually, you can consider school as the walled garden in our system. Much like real world, unless you are authorized you cannot enter school premise.

We follow the same principles. A school and its information can be accessed only by your school and its members.

Only school page that has About us and school address, website etc is publicly accessible. Otherwise, no school information goes out of beyond one school.

4 I'm a parent. Why should I join the network invited by the school?

Ans There are multiple benefits. In fact, we have developed this system keeping in mind the difficulties faced by an average parent.

We want the communication from school to you to happen at real time. So, let's say your son/daughter has gone to school.
But for whatever reason, they do not attend the school. Wouldn't it be nice if you get a SMS that your kid is absent today.
Or, let's say school wants to notify all students about the coming school annual day and you have that in your email inbox.
Or what if you want to ask some question to your kid's class teacher. The list goes on. You would simply love with all the information that you get instantly from the school side.

6 I do not find my school. How do I add my school?

Ans If you are a representative of school then you can use our Contact Us form to request to add your school.

We'll review and verify your information and then add your school.

If you are a parent or student, you can inform your school administration about our site and they can contact us to add your school.

Once your school is added, your school administrators can add you and you'll get intimated by SMS and/or email.